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Green Tea

  • Green tea is produced from Camellia Sinensis. Water color is green yellow with bold, sweet aftertaste flavor and natural fragrance. It’s produced by removing enzyme progress and crinkle, drying at the end of state.
  • Green Tea is picked and produced at factory in closed process with the highest quality
  • 100% natural, safe, clean and fresh material from high mountains in Viet Nam.
Tea GradesAppearanceWater colorSmellTasteGrounds
OPTea wings are curly relatively even, green and blackGreen yellow, bightNaturally strong fragranceBold, sweet aftertasteGreen yellow, soft
PTea wings shorter than op, relatively curly, dark green, airyYellow brightNatural fragranceBold aftertasteGreen yellow, a bit stiff
BPTea surface is small, relatively even, dark greenYellow, steam


Fragrant, high-fire airAcrid, slightly darkYellow, soft
BPSRelatively even, green yellowCornLightly fragrant, faintly old tea smellSlightly acridGrey yellow
FTea surface is evenly small, green yellowDark yellow,

a bit dark

Less fragrance, high-fire airAcridCorn


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