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Today, THAGRI., JSC is one of the leading international import-export and freight forwarding companies. We have a commitment to product quality, thoughtful and dedicated customer care service, along with a competitive price policy, that has been and will satisfy all our customers and partners.

THAGRI., JSC was formed based on the determination and ambition to affirm the position of a fresh Vietnamese agriculture when bringing diversified, quality and safe agricultural products to the global market; based on a young, enthusiastic, ambitious and highly qualified leadership team in the fields of banking, import and export and auxiliary logistics industry. As a new enterprise in the international market, THAGRI., JSC is gradually achieving strong development, affirming a prestigious enterprise in the capital’s trade industry, being recognized and appreciated by customers. The global economy and Viet Nam are facing transformations because of the Covid 19 pandemic, with many opportunities as well as challenges, requiring THAGRI., JSC to quickly adapt, survive and develop in this fiercely competitive market mechanism. Therefore, all of the leaders and staffs of THAGRI., JSC will constantly try to learn, improve themselves, make efforts and be dedicated to the work to make THAGRI., JSC stronger in the future.

Address: 9B/36B, Lane 12, Nguyen Van Troi street, Phuong Liet Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Office address: 04/8B - Lane 95 Chua Boc, Dong Da district, Ha Noi city, Viet Nam